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The Importance of Breakfast

It is often argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This was recognised by nutritionist Dr Bircher Benner who developed his recipe to create a balanced, nutritious and sustaining food.


Dr Sue Radd the breakfast book

Dr Sue Radd, a leading Australian nutritionist and the author of the Breakfast Book, lists ten instant benefits of breakfast.

  1. Breakfast will boost your metabolic rate for the entire day meaning you will burn kilojoules more efficiently to help with weight loss or weight control. One of the key habits of people who have successfully lost and maintained weight is eating a regular breakfast.
  2. Breakfast will give you renewed energy and reduce fatigue.
  3. Breakfast will put you in a good mood, increase your level of alertness and even impact on your memory function. It also acts as an anti-stress agent.
  4. A healthy breakfast will improve your nutrient intake for the entire day, resulting in less fat and cholesterol and more fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  5. Breakfast will put your bowels in motion to give you greater comfort and a flatter tummy.
  6. Breakfast will put your immune system on alert.
  7. Breakfast helps regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels – especially if it includes wholegrain breads or cereals and beans. When your blood sugar is within the normal range you will feel better. Low levels can effect concentration and mood.
  8. Breakfast is an opportunity to model your eating habits to your children. Kids copy from example. Establishing regular eating habits in children is vital for their future health.
  9. Breakfast is particularly critical for children to improve their behavior, concentration and learning ability at school.
  10. Regular breakfast has been shown to lay the foundation for better health and longevity.

Easy, Healthy & Delicious

Our low fat Bircher Style Muesli can be enjoyed cold – straight from
the fridge. Or on those colder mornings,

Why not try it warmed – microwave on setting ‘high’ for 20-30 seconds.

Low fat Bircher Style Muesli is not just for breakfast!

  • It makes a delicious between-meal snack
  • Try it in the school lunch box
  • Keep some in the office fridge
  • Makes a great snack after sport

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