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Natural Life Foods have been supplying our award-winning fresh Bircher muesli to Australia’s leading hotels and restaurants for more than a decade.

We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging client base within the Food Service and Hospitality industry.

Some of Australia’s most discerning chefs have discovered it is more convenient and cost effective to serve our product, than make their own.

There are a range of benefits for your establishment when you purchase products from our specialty Food Service range. Here are just a few:

  • Long refrigerated shelf-life makes it easy to maintain stock levels and cater for fluctuations in demand.
  • Flexibility of BULK and attractive PORTION CONTROL packs.
  • Better compliance with HACCP requirements particularly with our PC packs which eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Bircher muesli being an un-cooked, nutrient rich food can be susceptible to contamination if left open on the buffet.
  • Variety of flavours including GLUTEN FREE varieties containing no oats.
  • Reduced Costs – particularly if you include the raw material and labour cost of making in-house.
  • Reduced Wastage – unconsumed Bircher muesli on the buffet is often discarded.
  • Guaranteed Consistency – often difficult to achieve with this food.
  • Low Fat Recipe – our recipe has a fat content below 3%. Full nutritional information is listed on our packs.
  • Our authentic Bircher muesli is made fresh to order (not frozen) in the traditional Bircher style and delivered to your store.

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