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About Natural Life Foods

Natural Life Foods is an Australian family company based in Melbourne Victoria.

All our products are made in Australia to the finest standards of quality and purity.

Natural Life Foods pioneered the commercial preparation of traditional Bircher muesli.

Working in close collaboration with some of Melbourne’s leading Chefs, we developed a recipe and process that is as close as possible to that originally created by the renowned Swiss nutritionist Dr Bircher Benner.

Natural Life Foods have been supplying our award winning fresh Bircher muesli to Australia’s leading hotels and restaurants for more than a decade.

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Dr Bircher Benner

Dr Bircher Benner

Maximillian Oskar Bircher was born in Switzerland in 1867.

He studied medicine in Zurich and subsequently opened up his own practice. He became interested in nutrition and the healing power of raw fruits and vegetables. He became convinced that food should not be eaten just to satisfy hunger, but it should also keep the body healthy.

One of his wider known achievements was to develop the dish that has become renowned around the world- Bircher Muesli.

Dr Bircher opened a small sanatorium in Zurich espousing the virtues of a healthy life-style harmonious with nature and healthy eating. The clinic’s reputation soon spread outside Switzerland attracting many dignitaries from around the world.

After his death in 1939, the sanatorium was named the Bircher-Benner Clinic in his memory.

How Bircher Muesli is Made

We use the finest quality cereals, fruit, fruit juice, low fat dairy products, yogurt and milk to create a delicious, balanced food that is low in fat, low in refined sugars, high in fibre and provides sustained energy release.

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